Have you ever thought of enjoying your hot summer day without leaving your home? Of course, everybody loves this idea. However, how will you have a good time when all kinds of dirt like falling leaves and debris dominates your above ground pool? Well, worry no more. Here’s a tip on how you can cover your above ground pool efficiently so you can have the fullest experience.

Tip #1 – Choose your type of cover WISELY

Before you learn how to cover your above ground pool skillfully, the very first thing you need to do is select the best protection. There are multiple types of cover, depending on what you need. Some of these are debris cover, mesh cover, winter cover, solar cover, and other additional options like plywood sheets, tarps, and etcetera. 

    Debris Cover

This is the basic and least expensive type of cover, the typical cover you use when you want to guard your pool water against falling leaves, debris, and insects. Though affordable, this type of shield does not hold heavy objects that pools on top (e.g., rainwater, etc.).

    Mesh Cover

This type of cover has a fabric that permits water to penetrate so that it won’t bulk up.

    Winter Cover

This is somehow expensive; however, this cover protects your pool, especially the internal part during a long winter season. 

how to cover an above ground pool

If you have decided which type of cover to purchase, let’s start the installation.

Tip #2 – Clean your pool THOROUGHLY

In other words, winterize your pool. It is essential to clear it up before you cover it to avoid the struggle of removing the cover when something came up (e.g., you forgot to add the applicable pool chemicals). 

Tip #3 – It’s time to set up your POOL COVER

Make sure you buy a cover bigger than the size of your pool. Ask for help to spread the sheet on your pool, extend it widely on all sides of the pool and wrap it up to secure that your pool is covered tightly and completely.

Tip #4 – Ensure your COVER’S PERMANENCE

Now that you have laid your cover, keep it fastened. Slide the cable through the loops or grommets around the edge of the cover then pull it and tightened it correctly.

Tip #5 – Prevent FUTURE DAMAGE

Above ground pool cover usually got destroyed easily when the wind consistently beats them. This is the reason why you have to defend the cover, especially the ones hanging at the side. You can use pool clips so the cover won’t be staggered anymore.

All done! Keep in mind that everything needs to be set up correctly to function effectively. Covers take care of our pool, but it requires attention too. So make sure you check your cover from time to time after you have it installed. Just as the saying goes, you reap what you sow. When you invest in an above ground pool cover, you’ll receive an innumerable benefit in return. Now you’ll need all the materials to clean your pool, buy the perfect cover, get a helping hand and you’re set. Enjoy your durable above ground pool cover! 

Pool covers can be costly, making it difficult to replace it every time there is a tear. Unfortunately, pool covers, especially winter covers, can get destroyed easily, especially when there is heavy snowfall or rainfall. Therefore, you need to learn how to repair the swimming pool cover when yours has a tear. I mean, you do not want to keep paying for the covers or people to help you recover it.

However, the repair process will vary based on the type of cover you have. For instance, you cannot have your mesh/net repaired the same way as a vinyl cover. We are going to talk about ways to fix the most common types of pool covers.

Repair Swimming Pool Cover

How To Repair Swimming Pool Cover – Repairing A Vinyl Cover

It is pretty easy to improve this type of swimming cover. Even though vinyl covers are made to last and protect the pool from direct sun and debris, they can develop a tear at some point. Your warranty might have already expired. However, you do not have to be alarmed if your cover has damage as you can be able to mend it.

Most covers will come with a vinyl repair kit which contains a patch and vinyl adhesive that you can use. You will first of all have to take it off the swimming pool and onto the ground. After drying the torn part, apply the vinyl adhesive and place the patch on the hole. It should have your cover back to use.

Ensure that you cut the patch in a rounded spot. This way, the corners will not peel, leaving the piece open.

Repairing Mesh/net covers

These are also pretty easy to repair. Usually, you will only have to get a patch and sew in on the torn mesh. You can use needles and nylon thread for this process. However, a transparent cover might not require a needle as it is also delicate. You will be able to have it back on the pool within minutes.

You can also be able to care for your pool cover to reduce the instances of being destroyed. As we had talked about replacing a pool cover every time yours gets torn. The following tips will help you take care of your pool, especially when you want to store it;

Clean the cover using a hose right after you take it off.
You may use some soap to clean out the stains on the cover.
Make sure that your pool is always clean.

In addition to the above discussed, it is essential to remember not to tamper with your cover if your warranty is still valid. You can call the company from which you purchased the cover, of course, that is if the cover is damaged.

This way, you can have professionals fix it, or get a replacement. Most of these pool covers come with a few years of warranty.