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Tips on Choosing the Right Trailer Music for Your Video

One of the most important elements of a video trailer is the music. However, not all San Francisco video production companies understand how delicate this can be. Most of them think that it is enough to use orchestral music or horn-heavy sound for all types of videos. The truth is that there is a whole lot more involved in finding the right track.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect track for your next video trailer:

Identify your story

A trailer makes or breaks your video launch. It serves as an introduction of the plot of the story and the characters. It gives the audience a glimpse of the conflict and what they should expect from the story. This is the reason why accompanying it with the appropriate track is really important. Besides, the main purpose of a video trailer is to ignite the interest of your audience and make them long for the entire story. The perfect music will make them feel your story better.

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Now, first thing first – know your story. Do you want your plot to build gradually? If so, then your music must follow suit. Remember, your visuals give your audience the scenes while your music tells them what to feel. The music sets the emotions.

Distinguish the tone

Identifying the tone is another things to consider carefully. How do you want your trailer to come out? Do you want it to be dramatic? Do you want it to be fun? Keep in mind that these two are entirely different worlds. Now, if you want your trailer to be dramatic, it is highly-suggested to choose a light piano track over a loud orchestra music.

Listen to music options early

Now that you have distinguished your video’s story and tone, it’s time to go over your music selection. Music should come first prior to editing your video. After all, music is what will excite your audience while watching your film. This is the reason why any video editor desires to pick the best track for their video.

So, sit down and spend some time going over your music library. Listen to the sound tracks that qualify for the story and tone of your video. Trim your options down to 2 or 3. Perhaps, you can even ask a colleague or two to listen to your three choices and ask them for their vote. This way, it would be easier for you to pick the best track for your video.

The problem with editing the video first before picking a sound track is that you end up breaking the pace of the music. In return, you are also lessening the emotional impact of your video. By the time the video trailer is released to the public, the mismatch disconnects your audience because there is a contrary between what they see and what they hear. All your efforts will be put to waste if this happens!

Use a watermarked track first

Now that you have picked the right track for your trailer, it’s time to get on with the video editing. Instead of purchasing the paid track right away, it is recommended that you use a watermarked music first. You can simply download a watermarked music and test your footage with it. This will show you the outcome of your edited video. Now, if the music perfectly fits your story, then you can always purchase and replace the watermarked tracked with the paid track. There are websites that allow users to use watermarked tracks before buying the paid ones.

Include sound effects

Do you want to go over the top in editing your trailer? Then it is highly-suggested that you include several sound effects too! This will really keep your audience connected to your video, telling them exactly what to feel. There are a lot of websites that offer free trailer sound effects, which are definitely worth trying.

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The Right Trailer Music Produces the Best Video

No matter how good you are with visuals, your output will always be half-baked if you don’t know how to select the right trailer music. This is why it pays to seek the help of a San Francisco professional video editor. They not only know how to put together a seamless story-line. They also understand the importance of matching the trailer with the right sound track. In the end, both you and your audience are satisfied with the outcome.

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