My Daily Dose Of Inspiration

What do you do when your youth has passed you by and you have all the free time in your hands? Well, for me, it is fairly simple – I blog!

Holla and welcome to my blog. I’m Rowell Sinn, nice to meet you. Excuse the rustic vibe because an older person’s trying to be geeky here.

I am truly blessed to see my children graduate from different universities and get good-paying and stable jobs. It is every parent’s dream after all. But like seasons, their time with me has also come to an end when they each started to build their own families. Of course, there is regular Sunday visits from my grown-up children and their kids, but at the end of the day, I still find myself needing to enjoy my own company.

A year ago, my wife died and I am left to take care of myself in this tidy country house that we bought from our retirement money. Other than constantly throwing jokes to my neighbors and occasionally going out to enjoy a glass of wine at the local pub, I still have so much time in a day to put to waste. So, I thought to myself one day, “why not start my own blog?” Just like that, my blog was born!

Fast forward to the present, I love writing about my personal stories as well as stories of people I met over a cup of coffee or over a glass of wine. You know, it’s nice to start small talks with strangers. Their stories become my story, where I also find my daily dose of inspiration. You know, often, old age has its own way of making you melodramatic. So, instead of me making time to entertain these thoughts, I write. This is also one way of preventing Alzheimer’s, they say.

Will this old man still get a following? I don’t know. For now, what matters is that I found a good way to express myself. Hope you’ll enjoy this blog as much as I do!