Can You Run Pool Pump with Solar Cover On?

The pool pump is considered the heart of the swimming pool. It acts as the primary source of the entire plumbing system of the pool. A pool pump is required to circulate water going through the filters of the whole swimming pool (to clean the water appropriately). Proper circulation of clean water is what pool pump primary do. Without it, a swimming pool is more likely to be just a cement pond, full of stagnant water that is not ideal for diving.

Meanwhile, a solar pool cover cannot consider as just an ordinary pool cover that keeps dirt and debris off the pool water. It is a unique cover that helps maintain heat provided by the sunlight on hot summer weather. Let us figure it out.

Can You Run Pool Pump With Solar Cover On
Cleaning pump working with a swimming pool. Horizontal shot

When the swimming pool is wide open, without any cover on top of it, the absorption of direct heat from the sun takes place. It is probably, 60% of the sun’s heat energy. The kind of weather that will be enough to heat the swimming pool at a certain degree in every hour. However, the said heat gain comes with evaporation. With the presence of water, current air temperature, the actual humidity and wind blowing on the pool water surface, evaporation is turning on. The expected heat has lost because of this. 

By using a solar pool cover, heat coming from the sun can be transferred straight to the swimming pool to warm it. It controls evaporation it such a way that it blocks the connection of the pool water with the atmosphere. Although we do not pertain as warm as the gas or electric heater can provide. It still depends on the area and environment. It’s on how hot the surroundings are. However, despite this fact, the bottom line is that solar covers are very much helpful in a way that it can stop evaporation, and can warm pool water at a lower cost.

Solar pool covers are convenient. Easy to put on, easy to remove. That is why you can run the pool pump with a solar cover in it. The solar cover will not cause any interference on the work of the pool pump. It can never also get a chance to be sucked by the swimming pool skimmer. It will not block the skimmer either. The pump can be still possible to operate the whole day and the entire season. There is nothing to worry about this. Pool lovers can get in and out of the swimming pool all day. Just remove the pool cover every time you want to go swimming, or might as well swim on the pool with the cover on?– Not a good idea. So before getting into the swimming pool, remove the solar pool cover first. Also, remember to return it on, the same way, when done with the pool.

There is no problem with using the pool pump when a solar cover is on. Doing so is entirely safe. 

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